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Hanging in there

Kolby Fehlberg-BurnsComment

On Coconut Island, where E does her shark internship, there is this guard rail.  The last time I was on the island with her and then again this trip, I admired it.  I keep forgetting to take photos, so thanks E for taking this shot for me.  (I have to get better at this photo thing.)

It looks like it hasn’t moved an inch since I saw it last but it probably has.

I don’t know how long it has been there - forever it looks like. The island used to be owned by rich people so it was probably built in the 1930-40’s.  A side note, the island was used as the opening shot for the Gilligan’s Island tv show.  

I am amazed that although nature is trying to make it fall down the embankment, it is still hanging in there.  The rail is massive.  Just look at the size of that chain!  Can you just imagine the equipment and people that it took to put that chain in place?  The posts are made from rock that was probably from the island itself.

This guard rail could be a metaphor for life. How nature is trying to bring it down but it is still staying strong and hanging in there. We could only hope that we are as strong, when we come upon challenges in life.

Thanks for Listening.