Shibui & Daughters

Design with an Aesthetic of Simple, Subtle and Unobtrusive Beauty

Shibui & Daughters is a company built on design. Design is reflected everywhere. We choose design when we select the clothing we wear, how er decorate our homes, the cars we drive and even when we wrap a gift. Design can be serious or light hearted, traditional, contemporary or eclectic.

We are a little bit of everything

Our Shop is filled with objects we like. Objects that can be used as they are or altered to become something better. Quite a few of items we will have only one. The Shop is constantly changing as we find new items to share.

Our Jewelry

Shibui & Daughters' jewelry is unique, one-of-a-kind and hand crafted by Kolby J. Fehlberg-Burns. She doesn't make two pieces exactly alike ever.

Her inspiration comes from everywhere, from driving down the road to the beach to even mowing the lawn in the early evening. "We like to take the back roads whenever possible; there is always something to look at. The color of the light on a field, an old sign, even just by letting my mind wander an idea will come up for a piece. "

Kolby's artistic style changes with the weather. No really, she just makes what comes to mind. It can be contemporary or more bohemian what ever feels right at the time. She doesn't sketch out her designs ahead of time, preferring to let the piece speak to her and develop as she creates.

And like they say on Wheel of Fortune, Kolby says "I have two beautiful daughters and a great husband."


Handmade, Handcrafted ...

Shibui & Daughters embraces handmade, hand crafted work.  We believe that the handwork created by our ancestors needs to be embraced in this technological driven world. The need to know how things work, how to repair, how to create are vital elements to our survival in the future not only in a practical way but in the mindful, spiritual and well being aspects.