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I've been thinking

Kolby Fehlberg-BurnsComment
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I know that it is kinda different because I am not a big philosophical or emotional blog writer here. Well not anywhere really, but when riding around on a mower for two plus hours once a week it gives a person time to think.

Anyway, I was thinking about how different parts of this yard were “scary” to me. Scary in the sense that they were overgrown with weeds, debris, bugs, and … who knows what else.  Deep breath, “I’m going in!” I said to myself.  I started one space at a time, on the edge and just began to remove the overgrowth a bit at a time. By the time I got to the inside area (sometimes days later) I felt fine in the space.  And now that they are cleared it is much easier to keep them up and looking good.

So my point? I was thinking about how often learning something new is scary.  Say, learning how to use a hydraulic press or a torch, maybe learning a new seed bead stitch, rebuilding a color plotter or learning a new computer program.  Start at the edge or the beginning, go in a little bit at a time until you got it.

I am also finding as I am getting older it has been easier to try new things. I guess I feel like what do I have to lose?

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Also, as long as I have my centipede tool, I can do anything.

Thanks for listening.