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Shibui & Daughters feature one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry by Kolby J. Fehlberg-Burns. Shibui & Daughters also carries The Project Tin along with unique beads and findings.


This is on my mind.


Maui Quick Pics

Kolby Fehlberg-Burns

Windy Beach. Well, we call it Windy Beach because we don't really know the name of it and it is Windy.  We used to walk this beach when the girls were short.  We walked to a spot where  a little creek runs into the ocean.  When the girls were short, it took forever to reach that spot, now, not so long.

It is a good beach to pick up driftwood, pieces of beach glass and other found things.  Once I found a cartilage from a squid and Husband found a whole lobster shell that a big guy had shed.

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