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Kolby Fehlberg-BurnsComment

“A” is getting married in August. We are busy looking at bridal ideas from “Save The Dates”, invitations, venues and of course wedding dresses. While “E” was up over the holidays, the girls and I spent a Sunday afternoon with “A”’s future female relatives, watching her trying on wedding dresses and waiting… waiting for the tears. Waiting to see if it would be like “Say Yes to the Dress”.

When we got home, of course, I had to bring out my wedding dress from 35 years ago. I haven’t had it off the shelf and out of the box since it was put away that very cold day in December. Actually it was a very cold day. Minus 17 and with the wind chill factor it was 40 below. Cold day in hell but it seems to have been a plus. 35 years and still going!

Anyway, back to the dress. I wanted to show the girls what I wore. No, not thinking at all if one of them would wear it because they need to have their own and their own memories. But rather, just to see it. And then maybe to see if it would still fit.


My dress was handmade by a friend. The special embroidery was stitched by another family friend, Barb Morrison ( She is an amazing artist. As I remember, Barb called the stitching “Dragon Drops”. I like that name.


I was amazed that the dress still looked as nice as the day I wore it.

Sharing the experience of “A” looking for a dress was amazing. She didn’t find a dress that day, but the following Sunday, she did. Yes, it was just like “Say Yes to the Dress”! She cried, I cried and we cried together. Amazing.

Oh, and I am sure you are wondering, Did I fit into the dress? It was a little tight and I needed help, but yes, yes I did.

Thanks for Listening.