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Should have taken my airborne

Kolby Fehlberg-BurnsComment

Came back from Maui a week ago Monday. Great seat in premium class with free cocktails and a window seat but ...


there was a women in the aisle seat. Fortunately there was an empty seat between us. She was very fidgety. She had taken off her flip flops but rather than keeping her feet on the floor or putting socks on (like I do), she put them on the seat between us. Now to me when there is an empty seat that is kinda like the safe zone .. you can have half and I get the other half. Nope, not with this women. She took all. Then she started holding her feet and I don't know what all because my hoodie came up to cover my side view!

She keep fidgeting, pillow behind back, coat on, coat off, look at phone, put phone away, take phone out, flip flops in her bags, on the seat. 

Finally the food cart came and she ordered the snack pak. She ate the chips with the hummus dip but ran out of chips. Out came the finger to swipe the last little bit out and put it in her mouth. Now this lady wasn't a 20 year old but a 60+ year old! The whole time she was leaning forward and watching the digi-player of the people in the row in front of us. 

Then SHE COUGHED WITHOUT COVERING HER MOUTH! IN MY DIRECTION! Needless to say I caught a cold and was sick the whole BABE show. But I had the Purell and tissues and let my girls interact with the buyers.

airplane at night.jpg

I'm better now. Thanks for Listening.