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Shibui & Daughters feature one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry by Kolby J. Fehlberg-Burns. Shibui & Daughters also carries The Project Tin along with unique beads and findings.

Project Tin


The woman that wears my jewelry wants a piece that is as individual as she is.  She wears a variety of styles from sterling silver to the bohemian found necklaces.  Her jewelry reflects her many personalilities and moods. She wants the piece to become part of her. Almost a talisman that she wants to wear often and feels most comfortable in.

When I create a piece of jewelry, the piece reflects a part of me.  I put my thoughts and feelings of the day into it.  Often taking a few days to complete even the most simple necklace because I am taking the time to think about it, to find the most perfect little bead or piece of metal to add to it.  At times the jewelry will make just a little sound when worn. I like that, just a lttle hint of sound, of being there … like how a scent will invoke a memory.

Each piece is one-of-a-kind and hand made by me.  Although pieces might look similar, no two are exactly the same. 

Kolby J. Fehlberg-Burns

Project Tin


Project Tin


This featherlight tin is used by seed bead artists, wire working artists as well as jewelery designers. The Project Tin is excellent for travel with a tight fitting lid that protects your work from accidental spills. The Tray allows you to work on your lap, in the car, plane or train.  Easily transport your work to classes, workshops and bead gatherings.


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