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Andaz Hotel

String, Liquid Starch and Balloons

Kolby Fehlberg-BurnsComment

What can you do with just those few things?

Andaz Hotel, Maui, Hi

Andaz Hotel, Maui, Hi

These little lovelies! It is fun to see such a simple, craft project elevated to high interior design.  I would have loved being in the design session where this was presented to the Andaz Hotel Management.

When we were kids, we made them with my Mom.  Then when A and E were little, we made some as well.

Here is how they are made:

  • Blow up the balloons to the size you want the orbs.
  • Set up some plastic cups that will just hold the balloons so they can dry.
  • Pour some liquid starch in a pie pan or shallow bowl.
  • Undo the string from the ball and place it in the liquid starch being careful to not get it tangled. Crochet thread in the big spool is the best for this.
  • Once the string is good and wet, start wrapping the balloon with the string.  The string shouldn't be sloppy wet but just wet enough to stick to the balloon and the previously placed string.
  • Continue until you have as much string on the balloon as looks good to you.
  • Place the completed orb on the cups and let dry.
  • Pop the balloon and remove.

Hang from the ceiling with monofilament or place in a big bowl.

They look great the natural color of the string but we painted them gold and placed them in a big bowl for Christmas.

Thanks for listening.