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"You Still Married?"

Kolby Fehlberg-BurnsComment

The household and the office have new years' resolutions and clean out goals.  We have been cleaning and sorting and throwing and gifting and ... for the last few months.  Lately my sidekick and I have been loading up the truck and taking "stuff' here and there.

20170523_150915 (1).jpg

She thinks it is her truck and I am just her driver.  Anyway we have gone to the paint recycling center. Had a truck load of cpu's and monitors that went to the e-waste place. We have taken stuff to the Goodwill, and arts and crafts stuff to the creative reuse place. Most of these places aren't really in very good neighborhood but no body touches Sadie's truck!

Today, we loaded up a truck full of old office paperwork, files, etc. Boxes and boxes of paper. (One of many trips it looks like)  We pulled into the paper recycling place and pulled the truck up onto the scale. First one guy said we needed to go further, then another said go back.   Back and forth til we were just right.  Then the lady in the booth couldn't read my license plates so we went ahead and then back again. Then there was the debate of what kind of paper I had. "Mixed"  We were finally weighed. So we pulled forward and a guy started unloading the boxes and put them on a pallet.  Once that was done we had to back up and get re-weighed. 

Okay lady, pull the truck forward so the forklift can get by. Then a security guy showed up and said go get your money. Okay, I got out of the truck and went to the booth.

A older guy was ahead of me waiting for his money. He smiled and said "You still married?" "Yep" I said "34 years." He congratulated me and said he has been married for 7.

My turn for "the money" 560 pounds of paper gets you $5.60.  Sadie and I went and got an iced tea for me and a plain hamburger for her. 

Thanks for Listening.