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I need some of those balls that you ...

Kolby Fehlberg-BurnsComment

put on the walker legs so they move more easily on the ground.  

Okay imagine this. You are a lady (Since this is a true story, I won't be naming names here to protect the innocent) in your mid 80's. You need to get some of those tennis balls for your husband's walker.  So you think to yourself that the best place to go would be a store that sells home medical supplies.

You walk in the store and ask for those tennis balls that work for walkers.  The response you get is "We don't have those, lady. But what you do is just buy some tennis balls. Take your mat knife and cut an "X" in each one and then just slip them onto the walker legs." You say to yourself "THIS IS A HOME MEDICAL SUPPLY STORE THAT SELLS WALKERS AND YOU DON'T HAVE THOSE BALLS!"

You imagine.  Here I am trying to hold this tennis ball steady in one hand on the dining room table, a mat knife in the other, my hands are shaking. "What is wrong with this picture?" and "Should I make sure that my phone is handy in case I need to call an ambulance after I slip and cut my hand?"

You come to your senses and go to Walgreen's where they have balls with pre-cut holes in them for the walker.

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