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17th Century "China Menders" in 2017

Kolby Fehlberg-BurnsComment

In the parking lot at Longs yesterday, I parked next to this car. This bumper has been "mended" using zip ties.

It reminded me of a couple of "mender" ways. One,  that historians believe was perfected in 17th century China, itinerant "China Menders" would repair broken porcelain by drilling little holes along the broken edges. Metal staples were then inserted to hold the pieces together. 

The piece was then ready to serve the family for many more years. Antique dealers used to think they were junk and would want to get them out of their shops. Now there are active collectors of mended pieces and are valued.

But then it also reminded me of another example of "mended china."

Beautiful. I like the ideal of "mending."

Thanks for Listening.