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Saturday Afternoon and a flight of beer

Kolby Fehlberg-BurnsComment

Yesterday, "A" and her boyfriend, Ernie, included me in their trip to The Maui Brewing Company. We went on a tour of the brewery and then were treated to a flight of beers. Maui Brewing Company is working on becoming 100% off the grid with their solar panels on the roof, they source their cans from Oahu and are such big supporters of Maui.

They did a special edition beer that supports the sharks research efforts which "E" is a team member of.

We had a great afternoon. After the tour we enjoyed our beers on the lanai.

Why is it called a "flight of beers" you ask?  A flight means a grouping of similar objects like a flight of stairs or a flight of geese. Now you know.

Thanks for listening.