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Tuscon, We've been learnin stuff

Kolby Fehlberg-BurnsComment

While at Tucson, Carol of Benicia Beads, Linda a friend, and I took some classes.  We had a great time. One class we took was pewter casting using sand with Kim St. Jean (check out her Facebook page) .  We got a hunk of pewter and went to town.  Some students cast and cast, others kept re-melting the pewter. Me, I did a little of both.

At lunch, I found this Shock Top beer cap.  I cast the moon face into the beer cap. When I got home, I imbedded some little polished pebbles, wire wrapped a bail, added some dangles and there you go. I like how he turned out.  I love how his face looks gravelly like he has been on the road for some time and imbedded with road rocks from his travels.  But yet he is happy and content.

Me too, I am happy and content today.

Thanks for listening.