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Buckling down

Kolby Fehlberg-BurnsComment

I am here on Maui getting ready for Iselle's and then Julio's arrival. E is on Oahu getting ready as well.

I stopped into Costco yesterday to fill up the car with gas. I had already stopped and picked up a couple of 5 gallon food safe buckets to fill with water.  Here when a disaster is going to hit the 3 items to make sure you have plenty of  are water (because if the electricity goes out the water stations can't pump water), toilet paper and batteries.

They started to limit the amount of water you can buy at a time, so at Costco most of the people pushing carts were full of one case of bottled water and booze.

Sounds like a good way to weather the storm to me!

Thanks for listening,

p.s. I also have a rope to tie me to the house if needed.