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Shibui & Daughters feature one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry by Kolby J. Fehlberg-Burns. Shibui & Daughters also carries The Project Tin along with unique beads and findings.


This is on my mind.


I love multiples

Kolby Fehlberg-Burns

Multiples of this, multiples of that, I collect multiples.

On our coffee table

On our coffee table

This collection started with just one little piece.  Now every time I see this pattern at a thrift store, garage sale or the White Elephant Sale, I have to "save" it and bring it home. It isn't a fancy or even a rare pattern.  I think that it might even be a simple Asian restaurant pattern. But I like it, I have "saved" a few and it make me smile.

I stacked the little tea cups in the bowls like I have seen in restaurants.

The many sided tin on the left, my mom gave me.  It was black and sticky with grime. I think an old man kept his "tabacca" in it.  Now that I have gotten all the grime off it, it is pretty.

So, from time to time, I will show you some of my other multiples.  I bet you can't guess what they are! Don't think usual, they aren't dolls, teaspoons, coins...

Thanks for listening.